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Customer Service Center

Choosing CARAVELAIR means becoming a preferred customer who benefits from a vast European network of distributors; they are always ready to help you get the most out of your leisure vehicle. Our Customer Relationship Service will be happy to welcome you, listen to what you have to say, give you a few tips and, if necessary, provide repair service. To ensure that you receive the best possible attention, we suggest you make an appointment by sending us an email or calling our Customer Relationship Service at during the opening hours listed below:
from Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 12 noon

TRIGANO VDL: Customer Service Center – 130 route de Lamastre – 07300 Tournon sur Rhône


At CARAVELAIR, all our motorhomes have a two-year warranty including parts and labor. We take special care in manufacturing our products: this is why we offer a 7-year watertightness warranty (according to Caravelair warranties: see conditions within our network).

Spare parts

In addition to our CARAVELAIR warranties, we make an After-Sales Service available to you through our distributor network: this is TRIGANO SERVICE, a European platform dedicated to spare parts management. TRIGANO SERVICE covers a 20,000 m² operating area surface and provides a total of 50,000 references, including 30,000 in stock. Over 10,000 km are covered each year in the warehouses for preparation of the 90,000 orders received, which represent 1000 T shipped.


TRIGANO storeTRIGANO’s factory outlet: garden, swimming pool, outdoor, camping and towing equipment.

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