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Caravelle and Caravelair, Aviation and Motorhomes

An original combination…

In 1962 Sud Aviation, builder of the Caravelle planes based at Trignac in the Loire-Atlantique region, decided to diversify by building motorhomes. A design office with designers who were extensively experienced in aeronautics launched the first Caravelair motorhomes, which combined creativity and originality. Fifty years later, after an uninterrupted series of innovations, Caravelair has become the French market leader in motorhomes and continues developing its expertise by marketing high-quality motorhomes, designed and built for you.


Since 1962, Caravelair, now number 1 on the French market, has studied your holiday lifestyle to offer caravans that are comfortable, attractive and functional, guaranteeing an enjoyable family holiday with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Located in the heart of the Rhone Valley vineyards in France’s Ardèche department, TRIGANO VDL designs and manufactures caravans and camping cars : with more than 10,000 vehicles per year, 200,000 m2 in area (the equivalent of 33 soccer fields) and over 800 employees, TRIGANO VDL is Europe’s largest production unit


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