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XL Cooling Efficiency!

  • From 15°C to 0°C in only 15 minutes!
  • Cooling guaranteed up to 43°C outside temperature!
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy class A+ thanks to the Isotherm® insulation.

Effective cooling on travels, also during stops!

The XL Freeze runs on 2 possible energy sources: the car battery or the (optional) leisure battery.

  • Short break: (less than 3 hours): the caravan remains attached to the car; you can enjoy fresh food coming directly out of your XL Freeze, powered by your car’s battery.
  • Longer stop (over): Your food & drinks stay perfectly cool, without interruption, even under repeated opening of your XL Freeze, thanks to the regular energy supply of your (optional) leisure battery.

After a good night’s sleep, you can continue your journey and arrive at your destination with perfectly cool & fresh food & drinks, ready to be served!
An exclusive & highly practical design!

But where is the fridge? It’s in the completely integrated drawer in the
kitchen unit!

  • Immediate overview & access to all provisions.
  • A total capacity of 150 L with 19L freezer.
  • Flexible disposition with mobile dividers and various easily removable balconies.
  • 3 bottle holders to keep your drinks at the right temperature.
  • A vegetable basket, a meat tray, storage for eggs… Everything you need!


Our caravans are produced by means of an exclusive process, referred to as IRP.

Enhanced Insulation

XPS STYROFOAMTM insulation, an extra-firm and stable hydrophobic foam
offering excellent sound and heat insulation.

Improved Resistance

An effective combination of wood/composite which strengthens the framework of internal walls and floors, combining the durability of composite with the outstanding resistance of solid wood.

Increased Protection

Protection provided by a polyester* skin, offering enhanced
resistance to scratches, small impacts, loose chippings, hydrocarbons, UV light and general bad weather.



  • Greater resistance : Rot-resistant and non-porous, GRP eliminates any risk of rusting. Upgraded Resistance to impacts, scratching, as well as storms in general and hail in particular.
  • Easier upkeep : Sturdy and easy to clean. In case of accident, polyester is also easier and cheaper to repair than aluminum.
  • Better insulation : More flexible than aluminum, polyester provides better absorption of noise from rain or hail and is more effective thermally.


  • Extra-firm foam that provides effective soundproofing and thermal insulation and outstanding durability


*Subject to an annual check-up visit at one of our certified dealers

Relaxation and sleep are essential to enjoy holiday. That is why CARAVELAIR developed a new mattress using the latest technologies used in the bedding market.


  • Anti-dust mite : anti-dust mite mattress cover
  • Made in France : 100% manufactured and assembled in France
  • Certipur : ensures compliances with safety, health and environment regulations in foam mattress production
  • Oeko-tex class 1 : mattress covers manufactured without harmful substances to health and skin

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